‘Tell Me What Look At Her Means!’: Jake Tapper Pushes Back Against Trump Supporter’s Spin

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-5-06-30-pmDuring a panel discussion on today’s broadcast of The Lead, CNN host Jake Tapper wasn’t going to allow resident Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany to get away with pretending Donald Trump didn’t disparage a female accuser’s looks.

After playing the clip of Trump saying “look at her” during a Florida rally earlier in the day, Tapper asked McEnany her thoughts on the GOP presidential nominee saying the former People writer wasn’t attractive enough to sexually assault. However, according to McEnany, she heard nothing of the sort.

“That’s not what I heard at all,” the CNN political commentator stated. “In fact, i saw the lower third on CNN just an hour ago and I said, my goodness, when did he say this? Much to my surprise, he is being accused of — that one line is being extracted from his speech.”

Tapper interrupted McEnany right there, pressing her to “tell me what ‘look at her’ means.” According to her, the real estate mogul was just commenting on her story ad instructing those at the rally to look merely look at her words.

Tapper, without missing a beat, turned to the rest of the panel and asked, “Is that plausible that could be the case?”

Check out the exchange above, via CNN.

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