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Ten Year Old Arrested For Stealing Family Car: ‘We Tried To Stop Him…He Just Floored It’

Angry over being punished, a ten year old in Texas jumped in his Mom’s SUV and took off, leading his parents on a chase. “We tried stopping him at first, and he just floored it and started driving faster,” Christi Sanders told KPRC-TV.

Sanders said her son led family–and then Sheriff’s deputies–on a chase through traffic that included the boy stopping at a red light and being rear-ended by another car. He drove off, only stopping at a donut shop where officers ordered young Zilan Fitch out of the car. “I saw the cop, so I put it in park, unlocked the doors and the guy was like ‘Holy …! Pull over!'” Zilan said. “I was scared because they arrested me.”

Zilan was happy to show a local news reporter exactly how easy it was for him to drive, jumping in the car again–without the keys. “I just pressed the brakes and turned that on and put it in reverse,” Zilan said. “I just tapped the brakes a little, and when I was ready, I pulled (the gears) all the way.”

Watch it here, from NBC News:

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