TERROR: Six-Year-Old Girl Ends Up On Terror Watch List, Terrorizes Terrifyingly

It’s pretty common knowledge that the Very Short List of the World’s Most Terrifying Things includes cats, sharks, bike shorts and small children. But including a six-year-old child on the Department of Homeland Security’s Terror Watch List? Seems a smidge excessive.

Six-year-old Ohio girl Alyssa Thomas turned up on the no-fly list for suspected terrorists even though her father insists the worst thing the little girl has done is “be mean to her sister.” The Thomas family was informed of Alyssa’s inclusion on the list when they attempted to board a flight from Cleveland to Minneapolis. The family was eventually permitted to fly that day — naturally putting Minneapolis’ entire population at risk — but, soon after, Alyssa received a letter from the government informing her that her status would remain unchanged. Her family plans on appealing the government’s decision. You have been warned, Minneapolis.

Check out video of Alyssa being terrifying…ly adorable, via CNN:

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