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Texas Attorney General: Gays ‘Can Do Whatever They Want,’ But Not Marry

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was on CNN this morning, defending the state taking steps against a potential Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, insisting that gay people “can do whatever they want,” except for that one thing.

Paxton told Alisyn Camerota the people made their voices heard ten years ago on gay marriage, and therefore enforcing a state ban (even if the Supreme Court rejects state bans) is in the best interests of the people.

Camerota pointed out that a more recent poll finds Texas split down the middle on the issue. She pressed Paxton on whether Texas would end up conforming to the Supreme Court decision. Paxton hedged and said it’s too early to determine how to reconcile the state action and potential Supreme Court action.

When Camerota asked him to consider Texas gays who are in love, Paxton said, “they can do whatever they want, but the reality is marriage itself right now in Texas was defined by the people in Texas… as between a man and w aoman.”

Camerota pointed out, “I mean, they can’t really do whatever they want.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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