Texas Gunman Secedes to Newly-Established ‘Dougiestan’ to Escape Police

A Dallas gunman who fired an assault rifle at firefighters and escaped into the woods told 911 that he wouldn’t surrender, because he was now on the sovereign territory of Dougiestan, a nation he made up right on the spot.

“I’m Dougie Doug and I just seceded from the nation,” Doug Leguin said, according to audio obtained by NBC Dallas/Fort Worth. “I’ve seceded from the nation. This is now Dougiestan right here. I’m pissed off at America. America is broke. It’s got a sorry government and the people won’t vote.”

Leguin, who had shot at a group of firemen who were responding to a dumpster fire, allegedly also had several explosive devices. His wife had called police earlier, alarmed that Leguin had taken the family’s AK-47, and that “all the propane cylinders and canisters had been removed” from the garage.

As of publication, the UN has not recognized the country of Dougiestan, though it was agreed that the anthem of Dougiestan is an obvious choice.

Watch below via NBC:

[NBC Dallas/Fort Worth]
[Image via screenshot]

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