Texas Rep. Describes Austin Bomber’s Chilling Confession Tape: ‘He Refers to Himself as a Psychopath’


Rep. Michael McCaul appeared on Fox News Monday morning and described the 25-minute confession video found on the phone of the suspected Austin bomber Mark Conditt, in which he describes himself as a “psychopath.”

McCaul, a Texas Republican and chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer that Conditt filmed the confession tape in his car.

“It’s a dark video, I think moments before he blew himself up,” McCaul said. “Amazingly the cell phone actually survived the explosion. And so Austin Police Department have the cell phone as evidence.”

Conditt detonated a bomb in his car, killing himself and wounding a police officer, as a SWAT team pursued him near Austin, Texas after the serial bombings that rocked the city and left two people dead.

“On that cell phone was the confession tape, 25-minute video,” McCaul explained. “Shows absolutely no remorse for what he did, killing these innocent victims and wounding so many more others.”

“He said, ‘I wish I was sorry, but I’m not.’ He refers to himself as a psychopath. He says, ‘I’ve been a sociopath all my life.’ Even more chilling at the end, he says, ‘maybe I should just blow myself up in a McDonald’s and end the whole thing.’ That’s where he was headed.”

“So this guy is clearly disturbed,” McCaul continued. “You know, one out of 100 people, according to FBI behavioral scientists, are sociopaths. Which means they have no conscience. They have no remorse. They can commit acts of murder and feel no guilt associated with that.”

On Saturday, McCaul suggested the Austin Bombing should cause officials to consider creating a criminal charge for domestic terrorism.

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