TGIF: Anchor Handles Local News Blooper Like A Pro

The sign of a professional is not, apparently, screaming angrily when something goes wrong, and then throwing a mostly full bottle of Snapple against a wall while calling your office mates a bunch of “clowns” and/or “buttfaces.” This is a thing I learned today.

Acting like a professional means going with the flow and making the best of a bad situation! Just like this Fox17 reporter did.

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When a camera went haywire (Did the camera person fall asleep? Did anyone check if he or she is ok? Can we blame the rapture for this? I’m going to.) during a news report inside Fox17’s West Michigan studio, morning news anchor Mike Avery gave viewers a nice smile and a wave to let them know everything was both going crazy and completely ok. This is a good idea, because people generally respond to better to nice smiles than a lot of yelling and sobbing and Snapple bottle throwing. Evidently.

So, happy Friday, everyone! Let’s start the weekend with a lesson from Fox17’s Mike Avery: “Something something something smiling and waving something something important life lesson.”

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