Thanksgiving At The White House: Barbara Walters To Interview The Obamas Next Week

ABC’s Barbara Walters will interview with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama two days before Thanksgiving, for a special airing Friday night.

This will be the second sit-down for Walters, who has interviewed every President from Nixon to Obama.

Here’s more from the ABC release:

President and Mrs. Obama will sit together for a Thanksgiving visit in a joint interview with Barbara Walters airing as a one-hour Special on Friday, November 26th, the day after the holiday, at 10 pm ET. In addition to focusing on some of the major challenges facing the President today, part of the conversation will be a discussion of how the whole family reacted to the President’s political reversal. This interview will be Mrs. Obama’s first since the mid-term elections. The special marks the second time the President and First Lady have sat for a joint interview with Ms. Walters; the first was November of 2008, immediately following the presidential election. The interview will be conducted in the White House on Tuesday, November 23rd.

It doesn’t exactly sound like it’s going to be a friendly visit – the “President’s political reversal” and “Mrs. Obama’s first [interview] since the mid-term elections” indicate politics will be a major point of discussion for next week’s interview.

It’s a good get for Walters and ABC – the timing, 10pm the Friday after Thanksgiving, is likely to bring a wide audience.

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