That Bites, Man: Dog Sues Pet Store

One New York City lawyer is taking a unique approach to filing a lawsuit on behalf of a client. Attorney Susan Chana Lask, fast becoming the Gloria Allred of dog lawyers, has filed a suit on behalf of Umka, a Brussels Griffon puppy in need of costly surgery to remedy the myriad hip and knee problems she has as a result of a congenital defect.

The lawsuit seeks damages from the owners of Raising Rover, the Upper East Side pet store where Umka was purchased. Lask hopes that, by positioning the pup as a “living soul” rather than her owner’s property, the store will pay for the dog’s pain and suffering. Under the law as it currently stands, however, pets are considered property and can not sue for pain and suffering damages. As such, Umka’s owner has filed another suit listing the dog as “property.”

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For those of you who might be interested in bringing home a dog, consider adopting one from a shelter rather than purchasing one from a pet shop. Your lawyer might not get on TV, but you’d be helping out a dog in need of a home and your money won’t be going to a puppy mill. Such are life’s trade-offs.

Check out a report on Umka’s lawsuit, via Fox News:

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