‘That Is Not Journalism!’ Cenk Uygur, CNN’s Stelter Battle Over Anti-Sanders Media Bias

stelter uygurThe Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, a Bernie Sanders supporter, has been incredibly critical of the media’s coverage of Sanders. And so this morning, he and CNN’s Brian Stelter clashed over whether his assessments of bias are fair.

Uygur objected to how the media has “totally tilted the playing field here from day one” by bringing up superdelegates in such a major way––something he said amounted to “journalistic malpractice.”

Stelter asked if he’s honestly saying “more information is not a good thing.” Uygur shot back that mentioning superdelegates is fine, but they can switch votes and so to display them so prominently and leave the delegate count as is is “simply incorrect.”

They went back-and-forth about a potential Hillary Clinton indictment, but other than that, Stelter said, “You’re misleading your audience, giving them more hope than they should actually have.”

Uygur objected to all the framing Stelter was doing, arguing that while it is an uphill battle for Sanders, “for you guys to call it when you don’t know what the circumstances are… that is not journalism!”

Watch the full segment above, via CNN.

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