That Price is Right Plinko Winner? Turns Out He’s a Trump Supporter Who Once Appeared on CNN

Well this is kind of crazy (though not for the subset of TV viewers who enjoy both The Price is Right and CNN’s Smerconish.)

Ryan Belz is the 23-year-old Penn State graduate who became a viral sensation earlier this week for his appearance on The Price is Right. Seems he won $31,500 on Thursday’s episode — which was something of a “Plinko record” — and his celebration was just the sort of thing people love to share on Facebook feeds. It’s a fun clip to watch, which you can see below:

But it turns out that this was not Belz’s first time on television! In the Spring of 2016 he was a guest on CNN to discuss the looming GOP National Convention with host Michael Smerconish. Seems he was a loyal supporter of the candiate Donald Trump, and was pledging his support for the future president no matter what. You can watch that segment below, courtesy of CNN.

Is any of this newsworthy? Probably not. But every now and again the world spins in a strange and beautiful way, and happy coincidences transcend into fateful beauty.

Congrats Ryan Belz. You have made America smile again.

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