That Was Fast: Liz Cheney Exploits Recent Terrorist Threat To Score Political Points

The current security threat involving UPS planes originating in Yemen, possibly suspicious packages, may have pushed to the back-burner most of the cable news coverage of the midterm elections, but that didn’t keep Liz Cheney from scoring some (cheap?) political points. Appearing on America Live with Megyn Kelly, Ms. Cheney reiterated her belief that “the steps that this President has taken, for example, threatening to prosecute intelligence officials are so dangerous and damaging to our nation.” Too soon?

To her credit, and consistent with a “fair and balanced” pledge, Ms. Kelly was quick to point out the administration’s point of view, that they’ve been far more effective with drones than the previous administration. In fact, as Mediaite has reported earlier, the DoJ officials claim that attacks on al Qaeda have been far more effective in the last year and a half under Obama than they ever were under the Bush administration, precisely because of a criminal approach to trying terrorist suspects.

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