‘That’s a Bunch of Crap!’ CNN’s Trump Voter Panel Gets Heated Over Flip-Flops


On Tuesday, Alisyn Camerota brought back her panel discussion with several Donald Trump voters, and they were just as feisty as they were yesterday.

Camerota began by bringing up several prominent moments where Trump, as president, made a clear reversal on the policies and rhetoric he pushed during his 2016 campaign. Several of the panelists defended Trump, saying he’s allowed to change his positions because he never held a position in government before, and he has been presented with new information.

One panelist, Scott McCommons, openly stated that he regretted his Trump vote, and shot back at fellow panelists, pointing out that Trump had access to the same information Hillary Clinton did before the election.

“He gets firsthand information like everybody else does,” McCommons shouted. “That’s a bunch of crap and you’s all know it! It’s a bunch of crap.”

Later in the discussion, Camerota eventually came out and asked “is it possible there is nothing President Trump could ever do that would make you question him?” This prompted one of the panelists, Kraig Moss, to bring up the controversy where Trump seemingly made fun of a disabled reporter, which got pushback from several of the other participants.

The panel went on to debate how much time should go to Trump’s learning curve as a political neophyte, and also whether Trump’s tough talk will lead to long-term solutions for dealing with Syria, North Korea, and other issues.

Watch above, via CNN.

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