‘That’s It?!’: Wilmore Hits Fox’s Token #BlackLivesMatter Debate Question

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With issues about race and policing dominating the news over the past year, Larry Wilmore was sure Fox News would spend a good portion of last week’s GOP debate asking candidates for their policy prescriptions in that area. But all we got was one measly question about the #BlackLivesMatter movement posed to Scott Walker before the network cut to commercial and moved on to other topics.

“That’s it?!” Wilmore asked in disbelief. “Race gets one question to the whitest guy on the panel? Man! I don’t even get to hear Donald Trump run his mouth about how he thinks ‘the blacks are luxurious and fantastic?'”

To prove just how little time Fox spent on race, Wilmore challenged correspondent Ricky Velez to heat up a Pop-Tart in the 31 seconds it took Walker to answer the race question.

What was even worse, according to Wilmore, is that the first commercial that played after the break on Fox was the trailer for the new film Straight Outta Compton. “The message is clear,” he concluded. “Black lives matter… when they’re paying for ad time.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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