The 5 Worst Media Reactions to the Malaysia Airlines Crash


As most news consumers are likely aware, Malaysia Airlines flight 17 went down over Eastern Ukraine on Thursday afternoon. We don’t know much else.

As with most major stories, we will learn more information over the next several days — which requires some patience and discretion.But some people just love to hear themselves talk, even when the wreckage is still smoldering and the news still chaotic and confusing.

From the opportunistic, to the tasteless, to the bizarre, here are some of the worst media reactions to MH17:

1) Fox’s Todd Starnes never misses a chance to attack the president, whom he so clearly loathes:

And he even gave America a dose of his armchair foreign policy analysis:

2) CNN’s Piers Morgan has a theory you need to hear right now:

This was rich, too:

3) New York Times‘ Nick Confessore tries to be funny about 295 people dying. Surprise — he ends up being tasteless:

At least he admits it:

4) Professor Stephen Walt breaks out the political spin:

Best response:

5) Geraldo Geraldos his way through analysis:

Geraldo was the #oneluckyguy on Fox’s Outnumbered this afternoon, and he wasted no time giving wild speculation about the crash, despite the facts being limited.

“As a war correspondent, weighing all the facts as they’ve been coming in — admittedly this is my opinion opinion — I believe Vladimir Putin has the blood of these airline passengers on his hands,” Rivera said.

He then breathlessly said it over and over again.

Just wait a bit before you give your steaming hot take, eh?

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