The Amazing Race, “The Antithesis Of News,” Takes Egypt Out Of Its Travel Plans

CBS’ just-returned The Amazing Race never reveals the locations around the globe where contestants will are headed, but host Phil Keoghan will get specific about one country the current crop of team will not be visiting. “Egypt is off the map for us right now,” he tells the New York Post. The uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia and elsewhere have had a profound impact on the planning for reality shows like TAR, which takes teams competing for a million dollar prize to surprise destinations each week–from tourist spots like Sydney, Australia to far less popular places, like Ghana.

“There are certain countries off-limits right now,” Keoghan tells the Post‘s Michael Shain. “We’re not going to go to Afghanistan right now.”

Koeghan says the show employs a team of specialists who weigh risks of travel to any specific country against the producers’ desires to show the world as a wild place that ultimately safe for Americans. “We’re almost the antithesis of news in that way,” Keoghan says.

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