The Atlantic Writer Mocks Trump, Ivanka Over Chance Meeting Together: ‘I Don’t Know Who Would’ Buy It


The Atlantic‘s Elaina Plott thinks Donald and Ivanka Trump might’ve been playing game with her when the First Daughter interrupted a meeting Plott had with the president.

Plott was on CNN Friday to talk about her new profile on Ivanka — which explores how she navigates politics while meticulously working to control every aspect of her image. The piece portrays Ivanka as Trump’s heir apparent, and it opens up with this anecdote about how Trump suddenly “lit up” when his daughter walked in on an interview her father was giving for Plott’s article.

You could tell by his eyes, the way they popped and gleamed and fixed on someone behind me. Only one person gets that kind of look from Donald Trump. “Oh!” the president said. “Ivanka!”

Ivanka Trump lifted her hands, astonished. “I forgot you guys were meeting—I was just coming by!” she said. “Uh-oh!”

Plott recounted this story for Brooke Baldwin and expressed her doubts that the barge-in was a “complete coincidence.”

“You weren’t buying that?” Baldwin asked.

“No,” Plott replied. “I don’t know who would.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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