The Best Advice Roger Ailes Gave Megyn Kelly

Fortune is out this week with a “Best advice from CEOs” feature and included in the lineup is Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

The list is composed of “wisdom from those who have rocketed up the corporate ladder and helped others climb with them,” including from Warren Buffett, Melinda Gates and Larry Summers.

Kelly says: “My boss [Fox News CEO Roger Ailes] told me, ‘People will imitate you. They will try to do what you do. Never worry about them, because there’s only one you. So whatever you’re doing that makes you special, they can imitate it. But they can never be the same person, with the same delivery, with the same gifts and so on.’ Once you accept that and it’s not a zero sum game, you can be more embracing, I think.”

In the past, Kelly has also credited wisdom from Phil McGraw, a.k.a. Dr. Phil, for much of her success.

[Photo via Fox News]

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