The Best Of The O’Reilly-Stewart Debates: Part 6- Sixteen-Dollar Muffins Or Legalized Cocaine?

With the announcement that Bill O’Reilly will be squaring off with Jon Stewart tomorrow in a “rumble” at George Washington University, we at Mediaite thought it would be interesting to go back and highlight some of the most interesting and/or heated debates between the two cable news giants throughout the years. Both men have appeared on each other’s shows from time to time, and whenever they face off, the end result is nothing if not wildly entertaining.

This Daily Show debate took place almost exactly one year ago today, with Stewart giving O’Reilly the same tongue-in-cheek praise of his book Killing Lincoln as he did when O’Reilly showed up to promote both the rumble and Killing Kennedy. Stewart got O’Reilly to open up about his claim that if his taxes are too high, he may stop doing his show. O’Reilly admitted that it was a mostly empty threat, but then made a serious argument about how the Obama administration is creating a bad economic environment for people like him and Stewart.

Stewart told O’Reilly that his argument sounded like “crazy talk,” mocking his concern with “the poor, poor, rich people in this country.” O’Reilly said if he’s going to be taxed at a high rate, he wants to be sure the money is spent responsibly by the government. He brought up the “16-dollar muffin,” involving a story about the government spending 16 dollars on individual muffins that was later found to be false. O’Reilly yelled at Stewart, “You don’t even know what the 16-dollar muffin is!” and “I paid for the muffin!”

In the next segment, O’Reilly said he thinks there should be government watchdogs to halt financial malpractice. He called for a consumption tax, saying that there is a large underground economy with people who don’t pay taxes. O’Reilly cited cocaine dealers, to which Stewart asked if he is in favor of legalizing cocaine. Stewart, exasperated, told O’Reilly that the debt is not the fault of “renegade cocaine dealers who are avoiding their social responsibilities.”

Stewart and O’Reilly argued over whether taxes have increased or decreased under President Obama. Stewart told O’Reilly that he is “not living in reality,” and said conservatives shouldn’t be trying to compare a marginal increase in tax rates to a socialist system. O’Reilly said he would be fine with higher taxes if it was balanced with 10 percent spending cuts across the board.

The interview got a bit heated, but at the end they were able to end on a friendly note. Let’s only hope their rumble tomorrow ends the same way.

Watch part 1 below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

And part 2:


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