The Biggest Cable News Fights Of The Month: June 2013

Two men dominated the world of cable news this past month: Edward Snowden and George Zimmerman.

Snowden’s identity as the NSA leaker was revealed by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald in early June and his revelations have unleashed a renewed national conversation about security, privacy and civil liberties. The story created strange bedfellows and unlikely enemies across the political and media landscape and made for some genuinely exciting cable news debates.

The end of June (and now the beginning of July) has found cable news consumed by the George Zimmerman murder trial in a way rarely seen since O.J. in the nineties. It has led to the inevitable showdowns on guns, race and life in America that have implications far beyond the death of Trayvon Martin and the fate of George Zimmerman.

Below are some of the biggest cable news fights of the month.

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