‘The Bullshit Factory’: CNN’s Jim Acosta Says ‘Bullshit’ Twice on Air While Straight Pwning Fox News


Reporter and now CNN show host Jim Acosta totally pwned Fox News Channel on Saturday when he said “bullshit” twice during a segment on disinformation and conspiracy theories.

“That tale from the border didn’t just border on B.S., this was USDA, grade-A bullshit,” said Acosta in reference to the New York Post retracted story that falsely claimed a children’s book written by Vice President Kamala Harris was being handed out to migrant children.

The story was taken down and the reporter resigned, “But the damage was done,” said Acosta, “pumped out over the airwaves at the bullshit factory also known as Fox News.”

He was totally wearing a tie when he said the curse word – twice – right to the camera like a boss, causing viewers to think that “wow he really must be passionate about this right now!” Though there was no sound of high fives or exclamations of “oh snap!” heard from off-camera, it’s reasonable to assume they were there.

The segment addressed several stories that were negative about Democrats, which Acosta hates because of the falseness not some partisan loyalty for sure. Although, he did not have any examples of disinformation, falsehoods, or conspiracy theories about Republicans.

He also got in a totes sick burn on Tucker Carlson, whom he referred to as “Fox News’s Doctor of Disinformation.” Whoa! He said doctor, but then put “disinformation” after. What a king.

Carlson “sounds like he went to medical school at Trump University,” said Acosta, who is not even a professional comedian.

Watch the wicked sweet clip above via CNN but be warned that it has strong language, which only goes to show how important and serious he is. You can bet it will get a super duper huge amount of tweets from all the other serious journos who are very serious.

*We corrected two typos in this post. But that doesn’t detract from teh pwnzzzzz.

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