‘The Collapse of the Justice Department’: Neal Katyal Decries ‘Stunning’ Decision to Drop Flynn Case


Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal responded to news of the Justice Department dropping charges of lying to the FBI against President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn, Thursday, branding it “past stunning” and “the collapse of the Justice Department” as he “knew it.”

“Two former FBI officials in the last ten minutes telling me that this was ultimately about lies told to the vice president of the United States, information they knew were lies, and the FBI coming in and wanting to understand why Mike Flynn was lying to Mike Pence and why that information was being communicated to the American public about contacts with Russians during the transition,” declared MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace to Katyal. “What does it say to you that Bill Barr says there’s no crime committed if you lie about that to the FBI?”

Katyal responded, “Nicolle, it’s not just lies but admitted lies. Michael Flynn went twice before the court and said, ‘I did it.'”

“The last time he said, ‘I recognize the actions I acknowledge in court today were wrong and that through my faith in God I am working to set things right.’ Boy, I mean, the idea that the Justice Department could do this. You called it stunning, It’s past stunning,” he continued. “This is the collapse of the Justice Department as Chuck and I and others who have worked there knew it.”

“There are tens of thousands of federal prisoners in jail right now. None of them got this kind of review of scouring to find anything that might possibly be construed as showing his innocence and particularly not after they plead guilty. The rule of law, if it means anything, is the idea that justice is blind. This is not blind. This is open-eyed,” Katyal argued. “This is a political and incredibly destructive thing to the rule of law.”

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