comScore Daily Show Intercuts Fox News ‘Concern’ On Joe Biden’s Mental Acuity With Trump

The Daily Show Intercuts Fox News ‘Concern’ About Joe Biden’s Mental Acuity With Clips of Trump Flubs

The Daily Show Wednesday released a montage of Fox News personalities expressing concern over 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s mental acuity — but spliced together with footage of President Donald Trump’s flubs and frequent missteps.

“It is even hard to watch, the confusion,” Fox News primetime host Sean Hannity stated on Biden — this time imposed after a video of Trump.

Fox News’s opinion hosts have been outspoken supporters of Trump and his messaging most recently around surrounding the coronavirus.

The video continues showing criticism from hosts such as Greg Gutfeld and Brian Kilmeade teeing off on Biden, followed by famous Trump slip-ups like “Tim Apple.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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