‘The Death of Diplomacy’: Rand Paul Condemns Strike on Soleimani, Says There’s ‘No Scenario’ for U.S.-Iran Peace Talks Now


Senator Rand Paul has allied with President Donald Trump on many issues, but today he was extremely critical of the strike that took out a top Iranian commander.

Paul said on Fox News this afternoon that with Qasem Soleimani’s death, “Do you think it’s more or less likely that Iran and their militias and their proxies will attack the U.S.? I would argue that it’s much more likely.”

He said he’s worried about further escalation, particularly without the approval of Congress. “The president said he didn’t want to perpetual war in the Middle East, but he’s adding more and more troops. If you don’t want perpetual war, you don’t keep sending more targets over there.”

“I don’t think you can do an assassination like this and not think or at least believe that one of the unintended consequences will be war with Iran, so that’s why we in the Constitution did not allow one person to make this decisions,” Paul added.

He told Neil Cavuto that he’s worried this means “the death of diplomacy”:

“The question is will there be more or less of the attacks. So what happens with his death is we’re sending thousands of more troops, which are thousands of more targets for them to shoot at, and I think that it is hard to imagine that the Iranians are going to shrink now and say, ‘Oh, you killed our leading general who’s been a leader in our country for 20 years, but we’re going to do nothing?’ I also think with the death of Soleimani, you have the death of diplomacy. I don’t think there’s any chance that Iran will speak to us again on diplomacy. This is a long way away from where we were after the nuclear deal was signed under President Obama. I wasn’t a fan of details of the deal, but I was a fan of diplomacy, the same way I’ve been a fan of is the president talking to the government or North Korea, even though we haven’t been successful yet. But I do think that all talk is gone now. You cannot kill a major general of another country and expect that they are going to sit down at the table and discuss with you. There’s just no scenario that I see that happening now.”

When Cavuto asked if he’s spoken with Trump, Paul said, he hasn’t spoken with the president recently and said he’s getting “unfortunate counsel from people who have been advocating for regime change in Iraq for years,” citing Lindsey Graham in particular.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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