‘The Debateful Eight’: Watch The Simpsons Skewer the 2016 Election

With the political chaos and divisive rhetoric that has defined the 2016 presidential race, it only makes sense that The Simpsons would have plenty to say about how things have been going.

Coming off of South Carolina’s primary vote, the show released a clip last night that opens with Marge Simpson having a nightmare about a three-way fight between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton. Waking up hyperventilating, she laments “basic manners are gone from politics. What is it with these ding-dongs?”

To calm her nerves, Homer asks her to visualize a different kind of America “where Republicans, Democrats and Donald Trump all get along.”

Marge’s next dream has all of the 2016 candidates appearing on stage in a fabulous song and dance number to James Taylor‘s “How Sweet It Is.”

Of course, the good times don’t last very long. Trump starts a fight after insulting everyone’s terrible singing, which devolves into an all-out brawl that hits everything from Marco Rubio‘s robotic behavior to Clinton’s Goldman Sachs ties.

Watch above, via Fox

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