The Five Panel Agrees: We Should Stop Wasting Our Time In ‘Ungovernable’ Afghanistan


Just a few short months ago, President Obama was getting hammered for his plan to “cut and run” from Afghanistan. Nowadays though, some burned Korans and an escalating number horrible deaths have sent us right through the looking glass. “Why are you so weak, Obama?” has apparently turned into “What the hell are you waiting for?!” Today on The Five, all of the hosts agreed that it was time to leave the nation far behind.

Not only did they agree, they all had some extremely colorful ways of explaining why we needed to get out. Here’s a taste:

  • “I have this philosophy, I call it ‘The Time-Travelling Caveman.’ The Taliban are time-travelling cavemen. What do you do with time-travelling cavemen? You don’t talk to them about Lady Gaga because they don’t know Lady Gaga. You don’t talk about American Idol. They’ll just eat your face. So what do you do with a time-travelling caveman? You put him in America’s basement, you lock it, you never let him out, and when he gets out, you crush him.” – Greg Gutfeld
  • “These people don’t like us. A ‘savage nation’ is a terrible thing to say but the fact of the matter is that this is a culture that will never be westernized. They will never buy into Democracy. This afternoon would not be too soon.” – Bob Beckel
  • “I spent the better part of 20 years starting business. One of my most successful business was trading. When you trade, you learn to cut your losses.” – Eric Bolling
  • “Honestly, at this point, it’s like animals fighting over rotten meat.” – Gutfeld
  • “I don’t see any James Madison’s in those tribes.” – Andrea Tantaros

The only one who had any hesitation was Dana Perino who still thought there might be a chance to bring freedom to those that don’t have it, namely the Afghan women. However, she didn’t seem interested in arguing the point too heavily. In fact, the only real disagreement in the segment was over the claim that liberals have always thought Afghanistan was a “good war” and conservatives were actually trying to get out for years.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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