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The Five Blasts Obama’s ‘Sub-Par’ Apology: ‘Is He Really Sorry?’

The hosts of Fox News’ The Five were not impressed with President Obama’s apology to those who have lost or will lose their current health insurance plans because they do not measure up to the Affordable Care Act’s standards. Borrowing a word from the president’s remarks, Kimberly Guilfoyle opened the show Friday with a critique of his “sub-par” apology.

“Is he really sorry for breaking his promise to millions of Americans that if they like their health care plans, they can keep them?” Guilfoyle asked. “Well if he was, why did he feed them a bunch of sorry excuses?”

Stealing co-host Greg Gutfeld’s golf analogy, Dana Perino zeroed in on Obama’s use of the term “sub-par” to describe the plans that were being terminated. Of course, Eric Bolling later pointed out to her that in golf, “sub-par” is actually a good thing. “I thought it was a pretty sorry apology,” Perino added, saying it seemed “insincere” and used the passive voice to eliminate true accountability. Without an actionable “follow-through” from Obama, she said it was nothing more than “Sorry, life sucks.”

“He can apologize all he wants for the big lie, but it doesn’t fix the big lie,” Bolling said, referring to Obama’s promises about keeping existing health care plans.

Gutfeld took issue with Obama’s phrasing, in which he said he’s sorry Americans “are finding themselves in this situation.” He said, “You see what he’s done there. It’s actually the action of the person who lost their health insurance that are responsible… Imagine if you did this with your spouse. If you went to you spouse and you said, ‘I’m sorry you were hurt by these actions’ as opposed to ‘I’m sorry I was a jerk.'”

Filling in for Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky couldn’t help but agree with her conservative co-hosts. “I wish I could disagree with you guys, but I’m kind of ticked,” she said. When she still thinks Obamacare is a “good program,” she said “the execution has been so horrific that it’s making it harder and harder for people to buy into it.” She asked, “If this was the president’s number one priority, how did he manage to bungle it this way?”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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