The Five Calls LatteGate a Distraction, Spends 7 Minutes Discussing It Anyway

The Five’s Greg Gutfeld called Lattegate a distraction Wednesday afternoon, arguing the outrage over President Barack Obama’s coffee cup salute diluted more substantive critiques of the president (though Gutfeld somewhat undercut his point by making his counterexample Obama’s joke at the Clinton Global Initiative).

Despite Gutfeld’s call to move on, The Five did the exact opposite, spending the entire seven-minute segment on Lattegate, even as several of them dismissed it as frivolous. The group goofed on Obama drinking from a non-reusable coffee cup, wondered why he unable to move the cup to his free hand, critiqued the White House for putting out the Instagram in the first place, etc., etc.

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Two of the co-hosts were so committed to critiquing Obama’s salute they even threw George W. Bush under the bus for his canine version.

“We could do this all day!” Kimberly Guilfoyle said. That was Gutfeld’s point.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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