The Five Clashes over American Ignorance: ‘Triumph of Progressivism in Education’

The Five today took on Bill O’Reilly‘s assertion that the failing public school system is mainly to blame for widespread ignorance in America, as well as the rise of technology in people’s lives. Eric Bolling agreed with O’Reilly, arguing that reliance on technology means no one can ever actually learn about things as basic as spelling and addition. And, in a hilarious coincidence of timing, Jimmy Kimmel also helped expose American ignorance last night with a segment interviewing people who actually believed that FDR died yesterday.

Bob Beckel found it “somewhat elitist” to assume the rest of the country is that politically aware, and defended the internet as a place where, for better or worse, people get their information from. Greg Gutfeld agreed, blaming “the triumph of progressivism in education” over technology when it comes to a lack of knowledge.

Bolling cited statistics showing how America’s fallen behind in math and science, among other subjects, saying “this is a massive fail on our part.” Beckel suggested having “competency tests for teachers” to make sure they’re teaching kids right.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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