The Five Clashes Over AOC: My Family Died and ‘Fled to This Country’ to ‘Escape Communism!’


The Five got heated Friday over freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her latest comments about imposing a high tax rate on top earners.

“I think the right wing has AOC Derangement Syndrome,” The Five guest host Marie Harf said, borrowing a phrase from Trump supporters.

“No, we’re not even close yet,” Greg Gutfeld protested. “We’re so nice to her, it’s only a few nuts on Twitter.”

“She’s a freshman member of congress, who is like, near last in seniority,” Harf continued. “Her ideas will be not that important. She’ll be one of a huge caucus.”

“But she’s on 60 Minutes!” Jesse Watters pointed out.

“That’s what I’m saying,” Harf said. “Why is she on 60 Minutes? Why does she get all this attention?”

“Because she’s a poster child for statism,” Kennedy explained, somewhat inexplicably.

“She doesn’t matter Kennedy!” Harf replied.

“This is why it matters,” Kennedy shot back, “because you have an entire generation of people who have no idea about the consequences of communism and socialism.”

After Harf apparently cracked a smile, Kennedy got heated: “Laugh about it all you want but my family lost their lives and their farms and fled to this country with a suitcase to escape communism.”

Harf emphasized that there are many other members of congress with “much more plausible ideas that could actually be made policy” who aren’t getting attention “because we’re obsessed with her.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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