The Five Clashes over Whether Rove’s Hillary Swipe Was ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Petty’

In this week’s installment of Let’s All Get Worked Up About Something an Old White Guy Said, Karl Rove has come under intense scrutiny for a comment he reportedly made suggesting Hillary Clinton may have brain damage. On The Five today, the hosts clashed over whether this was a “brilliant” move on Rove’s part or just incredibly “petty.”

Greg Gutfeld (after quipping, “Suggesting that a liberal has brain damage, how can you tell?”) admitted he really can’t defend Rove on this one. He argued comments like this “make it easier” for the opposition to go after them with, and what the Republican party needs to beat Clinton is a “candidate, not an angle.” Gutfeld said, “Doing something like this makes Hillary looks sympathetic.”

Eric Bolling, however, took the opposite opinion. He argued it’s perfectly valid to raise the issue of whether Clinton is “fit” for the office of the presidency. He brought up the ridiculous murmuring about Michele Bachmann‘s headaches back in 2012, and said that what Rove did this week was “purposeful and brilliant.”

Gutfeld still wasn’t convinced. He said the next presidential election needs to be taken seriously and not get waded down in this “petty” kind of bickering.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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