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The Five Eviscerates ‘Pathetic’ Dennis Rodman For ‘Espousing Idiocy’ And Befriending Kim Jong Un

The Five Eviscerates 'Pathetic' Dennis Rodman For 'Espousing Idiocy'

This afternoon, Fox’s The Five roundly trashed ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman for “espousing idiocy” on ABC’s This Week by claiming “we do the same things here” when asked why he did not condemn North Korea’s death camps while visiting with and befriending dictator Kim Jong Un.

“He dressed almost like a human version of North Korea — irrelevant and uncool,” co-host Greg Gutfeld joked. “It raises the question: what happens when you were once cool? You had the nose rings and the tattoos, and then when you’re over 50, you end up dressing like a ship captain for a children’s TV show. And you’re kind of pathetic.”

Gutfeld’s mocking of the former basketball star didn’t end there. “North Korea has a better future than Dennis Rodman,” he said. “He is just espousing idiocy. What do you expect from him?”

During his appearance on This Week yesterday, Rodman touted the Korean dictator as a personal “friend” for whom he holds great respect. The ex-NBA star had recently visited the hostile country to run a basketball camp and tour the monuments. On ABC, he bizarrely defended North Korea’s human rights abuses, suggesting “we do the same things here.”

Dana Perino lamented what she saw as a “lack of outrage” from the media over Rodman’s “stunt,” asking, “Where are the human rights activists? Where’s Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times? Where is Susan Sarandon, Ashley Judd? Anyone going to speak up and say anything about the outrage that was just perpetrated on us?”

Bob Beckel noted that “the grandfather [Kim Il Sung] and the father [Kim Jong Il] are two of the great butchers of all time. When I was at the State Department, I met a lot of whacky diplomats. This guy [Rodman] takes the cake.”

“I think this is counterproductive and basically made America look like idiots,” Perino added.

Gutfeld then suggested that Rodman’s claims about Kim Jong Un are “exactly what most professors say” through “the prism of moral relativism” and how, when considering North Korea’s death camps, he believes academics would say, “the stuff that happens in America is no better, perhaps worse, than what happens in North Korea.”

Eric Bolling added that Rodman’s visit could prove detrimental because now the North Korean government can say “He’s a hero in America” and run that positive spin through the state-run media to further elevate Kim Jong Un’s image within the country.

Watch below, via Fox:

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