The Five Gets Heated Over Media Criticism of Trump’s Iraq Trip: He ‘Says Things So Frequently That Aren’t True’


The Five got heated Friday during what has become a recurring segment on the Fox News show: bashing the media for criticizing President Donald Trump.

“The media still melting down over President Donald Trump’s surprise trip to visit troops in Iraq,” Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones announced gravely, before playing a cut of cable news criticism of the president’s overseas voyage.

Jones conceded that it’s a “big deal” that Trump lied to U.S. troops when he said he was giving them an unprecedented raise,  but hit the Washington Post for reporting the trip was “shrouded in secrecy.”

Greg Gutfeld warned of a “growing trend of people narcing on others,” singling out Jim Acosta and CNN as “our nation’s hall monitors” for focusing on troops having the president sign MAGA hats.

Jedidah Bilah mocked New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman as “ridiculous” for saying Trump has “devalued the currency of his words” by lying to the troops. “If you had real stuff to worry about, you would not be talking about this stuff,” she said.

“They enjoyed the president,” Jones said of the troops.

“I don’t care about the hats,” Marie Harf said. “The pay raise thing bothers me. Because he said something to the troops that was not accurate about their own pay.”

“But don’t you think they know?” asked Jones. “They get their paychecks, they see what’s in them.”

“What Maggie Haberman was saying was that the president now says things so frequently that aren’t true, that what he says has lost some value,” Harf said. “I think that’s a bigger problem.”

“Bigger problems are always undercut by the idiocy of people on your side who chase hats,” Gutfeld said.

“The problem with your argument is, because you don’t like the people making it, you dismiss all of the legitimate criticism,” Harf said to Gutfeld. “It’s legitimate criticism.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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