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The Five Gets Heated Over NFL Anthem Decision: We Can’t ‘Come Here and Wear T-Shirts With a Bad Word’

The Five seemed to agree Wednesday that the NFL’s decision to fine players who kneel during the national anthem was a “not perfect, but good” move on the organization’s part, in Pete Hegseth‘s words.

But Richard Fowler, the one liberal on the panel, felt differently, and the rest of the crew wasted no time in dismissing his points, to the extent that they were interrupting most of his sentences.

“There were no players in this meeting when this decision was decided,” Fowler said. “The players’ association was left out of it. It was a bunch of owners who got in a room and made a decision without consulting people.”

“The football is not football without the players,” he added.

“If corporate makes a decision and we are the employees, we have to follow it,” Dana Perino shot back. “We are not in on every meeting.”

“But there’s a distinction here because the NFLPA, they have a contract with the NFL, and when you levy a fine, that contract has to be negotiated by the official representation for the players,” Fowler explained.

“The fine’s not hitting the players, it’s hitting the owners,” Hegseth replied, baffled.

“But it doesn’t matter,” Fowler said. “Anytime there is a new fine, the players have to be party to that conversation.”

“It’s a vague rule,” he later said. “It’s written very vaguely and it’s written to punish players for using their First Amendment rights… The flag is nothing without our constitution and the First Amendment to that constitution, freedom of speech, and the freedom of expression.”

“So it is about the flag. I thought it was about police brutality,” Greg Gutfeld quipped.

Perino added: “Kimberly [Guilfoyle] and I can’t come here and wear T-shirts that have a bad word written on them. It’s against company policy but it would be my First Amendment right to walk around in the street with it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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