The Five Gushes Over Fake News Awards: ‘Like the Oscars, Without the Molesters’

Greg Gutfeld and the rest of the gang over at Fox News’ The Five had a field day over President Donald Trump’s Fake News Awards, with each of the hosts taking turns to pile on the “winners” of said awards, particularly CNN.

Gutfeld started by referring to the awards as “like the Oscars, without the molesters” and “brilliant” before laying into economist Paul Krugman, who walked away with one of the much vaunted statuettes mentions in the listicle.

“Krugman is treated among his peers like some moronic oracle immune to reality,” he said. “Trump proves otherwise.”

Kimberly Guilfoyle followed suit, calling CNN “the big winner” and referring to the entire event as a “colonoscopy” and a “shame waterfall.”

“This is President Trump owning it, saying OK this is what I’ve been saying about the press and now I’m going to mock them and have fun,” she said. “People enjoyed it and, let’s be honest, look at what happened, he crashed the website.”

Juan Watters, however, said that the list actually made the press look good.

“They corrected all of these mistakes. There were retractions. People got fired,” he said, questioning Gutfeld. “If a journalist makes a mistake and owns up to it, that’s bad?”

Gutfeld went on to suggest that the “media should be thanking” Trump for the awards because he is “making them great again, whether they like it or not.”

It must be noted, Fox News did not win a single award.

“It’s amazing how Fox News didn’t end up on that list,” Gutfeld said.

There’s always next year guys.

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