The Five Hammers Media for Obamacare Spin: Website Failure Forced Them to Do Their Jobs

Even with a noticeable shift in how the media has covered the disastrous Obamacare rollout, The Five still believes they’re being far too lenient with President Obama and are still displaying a willingness to turn a blind eye to issues that harm Obama politically. Kimberly Guilfoyle touted stats showing ABC and NBC’s morning shows and evening newscasts have been especially poor in this regard.

Former Clinton advisor Lanny Davis argued it’s superficial admission more so than it is “ideological bias.” He argued that the media was plenty tough on Bill Clinton, but the others shot back that it was only because of Clinton’s personal issues and naught to doo with politics.

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Greg Gutfeld charged that when the media goes after Republicans, it’s “investigative journalism,” but when they go after Democrats, it’s a partisan witch hunt. Jedediah Bila added that the media was perfectly happy to take Obama at his word for years and “they’re only covering it now because the website fell apart.”

Eric Bolling attributed the hesitance to be critical to a mentality that they’ll lose White House access. Gutfeld said they deliberately “covered up” all the big Obamacare issues, and mocked Davis for saying Republicans seem to be “celebrating the failure” of a system designed to provide health insurance to millions of people.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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