The Five Hits Racial Hypocrisy: White Liberals Worse Than Heroin For Minorities?

The Five continued today to hammer away at racial hypocrisy, calling out Al Sharpton and President Obama for speaking out so vocally about Trayvon Martin but not uttering a word about the case of a white teenager gelling bullied by black teens on a school bus. Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel credited Jesse Jackson for publicly condemning it, while Greg Gutfeld suggested that white liberal hypocrisy may be worse for any community than hard drugs.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said this was a good time for “unbiased leadership” from Sharpton and others, while Gutfeld argued people like Sharpton only care about bullying “if it is a majority over a minority,” saying that people can’t “always point to race as the origin of everything.”

Bolling noted the White House responded to their request with “talking points” about bullying, which Dana Perino said was the right move, but also noted the White House is “vulnerable” on this issue specifically because they weighed in on the Martin case.

Gutfeld railed against the left for paying the race card no matter who’s the instigator in instances like this, declaring that “white liberals are worse for any community than heroin.”

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