The Five Hosts Wonder How A Nobel Peace Prize-Winning President Ended Up Killing So Many With Drones

Today on The Five, Eric Bolling (taking a page from one of Drudge’s more inspired headlines) asked Greg Gutfeld if he was surprised that a Nobel Peace Prize-winning president had killed so many people with Predator drones. A debate over President Obama and President Bush’s dictator-toppling tactics and the reactions to them followed.

While it wasn’t the United States or one of our missiles that took out the Libyan dictator, Fox News had discovered that a drone was sent into the nation some time before his capture. Bolling had a problem with how the media was responding to Obama’s foreign policy.

“Does no one else find the hypocrisy here?…You have Gitmo and [terrorists] go through the military trial and, if found guilty, then you process accordingly. But that’s not ok. That’s just too harsh, it’s terrible because of the water boarding and whatnot. But here it’s swift justice. It’s ‘drone, baby, drone.’ It’s 09 mm in the streets of Tripoli but somehow that seems to be ok.”

On the other hand, though, Gutfeld (who, by the way, was really on his game with the funny here) claimed we had to give Obama credit for his record with taking these people out, saying it was “a flip flop but a good flip flop” from his campaign image.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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