The Five Hosts Joke About Kids ‘Dying From Cancer’ During Health Care Debate

The Five’s punditry took a distasteful turn Thursday night during a discussion of the newly revealed Republican Senate health care bill.

Resident liberal Juan Williams first criticized the bill, arguing that it would leave fewer people insured, and “drive up premiums and costs for working people who come to the hospital.”

“What about the elderly Jesse?” Williams pleaded. “The people in nursing homes, the people we all have sympathy for?”

That appeal from Williams really got the Five panel frothing.

“We’re going to let them die, according to the liberals!” Greg Gutfeld chortled.

“That’s the Media Matters talking point!” Kimberly Guilfoyle exclaimed.

“I know if I say die, or push grandma off the cliff, you would delight in it Gregory,” Williams responded.

But I will say this,” he continued. “If you are putting a cap on Medicaid, and people are in nursing homes — that’s how the nursing home gets paid — you are pushing people out.”

“You forgot the children dying of cancer,” Guilfoyle quipped under her breath.

The Senate Health Care bill stops well-short of a full repeal and replace of Obamacare promised by President Donald Trump. But the proposed law would strip back many of the core tenets of the Affordable Care Act and limit Medicaid spending and phase out expansion of the program.

Those deep cuts to Medicaid would disproportionately affect the elderly and the poor, who are labeled the “losers” of the bill by Axios.

The House bill, which was passed by Congressional Republicans in March, would leave 23 million more people uninsured by 2026 according to the CBO score.

Watch above The Five segment above, via Fox News.

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