The Five Praises Jon Stewart For Shaming Congress Over 9/11 Aid: If He’s ‘Coming to the Hearing, Show Up’


When former Daily Show host Jon Stewart dropped a hammer on Congress over 9/11 first responders on Tuesday, the concussive force was felt across the internet and television and, one hopes, all through Capitol Hill. Among the many, many people cheering for Stewart were the hosts of Fox News Channel’s The Five.

Juan Williams introduced the segment with some brief background, and moved right to the most talked about portion of Stewart’s remarks.

“His emotional testimony getting heated when he tore into lawmakers for the extremely low attendance at the hearing,” said Williams, and then played some of the clip:

Behind me, a filled room of 9/11 first responders. And in front of me, a nearly empty Congress. Sick and dying, they brought themselves down here to speak to no one. Shameful! It’s an embarrassment to the country and it’s a stain on this institution. And you should be ashamed of yourselves for those that aren’t here, but you won’t be, because accountability doesn’t appear to be something that occurs in this chamber.

He also brought up the subsequent interview with Shepard Smith where Stewart blasted Congress to smithereens.

Williams turned to Dana Perino for comment.

“It’s obviously not [just a New York issue], she said. “9/11 was the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. It has defined a generation. It’s had so many consequences. It’s changed policy. It’s changed everything.”

“To their point, it’s shameful. Also just politically so bad,” said Perino. “First of all, if you know Jon Stewart is coming to the hearing, show up. He’s going to get attention. Rightly so. He’s been very consistent on this and a champion for these guys.”

“I understand some members of Congress would say we are triple we’ve got votes and we have all these things and coming in and out of the hearing. And yet if you know this is going to happen, it doesn’t make it look good when you’re also out there trying to spin the members of Congress deserve a pay raise,” she added.

Perino went on to say that the fiscal issues may be real but appear ridiculous to argue about in light of things like corporate tax cuts. “Remember ‘never forget’?” she asked. “We should go ahead and figure out a way to do it.”

Co-host Jesse Watters agreed, saying that “fiscal hawks need to find a different hill to die on.”

“It’s not good politically or morally,” said Watters. He also bashed the members of Congress for not showing up, knowing Stewart and the first responders would be there.

Katie Pavlich, too, acknowledged that it looks bad not finding the money for this, but brought up a number of items she said show that there are “legitimate, logical reasons why the funding isn’t there,” including people making fraudulent or frivolous claims of the fund. But she said that “with all the things you find money for the Congress spends on,” then they should be able find the money to pay for this, of all things.

Greg Gutfeld was likewise on board, and said “I don’t think you’ll meet anybody who doesn’t agree.”

“Everybody agrees, so what’s the problem? I’m trying to figure this out. He raised the alarm on this five years ago, right?” he said. He noted the problem is that it has to be renewed over and over, and that this wouldn’t be an issue if they would make it permanent.

The five hosts agreed with Jon Stewart’s outrage and demand for action. So did Shepard Smith. So does basically everyone else. And yet today cancer-stricken heroes were snubbed by a Congress that never fails to spend money on far things with orders of magnitude less support.

As Gutfeld said, what’s the problem? As every American is saying on this Tuesday, 17 years and nine months after that dark and terrible Tuesday in 2001, when the world changed and thousands died: Get This Done.

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