The Five Praises Putin’s Syria Move: Russia’s ‘Playing Chess, We’re Playing Go Fish’

Fox News’ The Five opened its show Tuesday afternoon by catching viewers up on torrent of developments in the Syria situation. “President Obama has evolved,” Eric Bolling summed things up. “It looked like a week ago he was definitely–it was go time. Now it looks like maybe he’d be willing to sit down and hash things out.”

Taking some of the onus off President Obama, Bob Beckel said, “these situations develop as they move along, things change.” While he said it was good that the Russians appeared to be coming to the table to help broker a peace deal, he warned that if Bashar al-Assad “does not get punished for using [chemical weapons], that means Hussein and Hitler are still alive and well and the chemical weapon history, as well as Assad.”

Andrea Tantaros said she’s “skeptical” that Secretary of State John Kerry will “stand firm” when he travels to Geneva, Switzerland to negotiate with the Russia foreign minister later this week. Moreover, she mocked Kerry’s “brain fart” foreign policy idea that appears to have led to the possible solution. “The Russians are playing chess and we are playing go fish,” Tantaros said.

Building on Tantaros’ metaphor, Greg Gutfeld said, “What do you expect? We sent Shaggy from Scooby Doo to fight Boris Badenov.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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