The Five Responds to Russell Brand’s Anti-Fox News Rant

The hosts of Fox’s The Five were the first on the network to react today to actor Russell Brand going on a rant against the network in which he called them “fanatical” and “more dangerous than ISIS.” Brand was reacting to Justice Jeanine Pirro going off on President Obama for his mishandling of the crisis in Iraq that included a line about how the president “doesn’t have the balls” to do the right thing.

Brand said Pirro was “espousing savage values” and that the “evil” of Fox News is slightly outweighed by its presence as a “sublime blissful comedic entity.” Kimberly Guilfoyle was not amused, remarking that Brand is “obsessing” with Fox News and suggested he might not want to express any sympathetic words for the militant group taking over Iraq right now.

Eric Bolling dismissed Brand’s incoherent “rambling,” while Greg Gutfeld said: “If he feels that ISIS is harmless, he should go there and hang out with them. They would behead him faster than you could say Arthur. His worst movie.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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