The Five Sees ‘Sexism’ in Audience Booing Fallon’s Hillary Joke

During his monologue Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon cracked a joke about Hillary Clinton that got him booed. Fallon congratulated Chelsea Clinton on the big baby news, joking that if the baby is a girl, it’ll get Chelsea’s hand-me-downs, and if it’s a boy, it’ll get Hillary’s. Fallon actually got booed for the joke, and today the hosts of The Five lamented how political correctness is worming its way into late night comedy.

Greg Gutfeld noticed a “sexist element to comedy” where it’s okay to make fun of how men look (Chris Christie‘s fat, Mitch McConnell‘s a turtle), but there’s more sensitivity when it comes to women and a “protective bubble” forms. Dana Perino pointed out it’s not always the case, as plenty of comedians made joke after joke about Sarah Palin, but praised Palin for keeping a sense of humor about it.

But what Eric Bolling wanted to know was whether any Republican or conservative pundit could make the same joke as Fallon did without coming under intense scrutiny. Andrea Tantaros said that comedians should “put humor over ideology” when cracking political jokes, while Bob Beckel suggested the GOP should start finding someone in the party with a sense of humor first.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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