The Five Slams ‘Liberal Agenda’…In Elementary School Math

The co-hosts on Fox News’ The Five this week took on the dangerous trend of…elementary school math. Eric Bolling warned parents that they need to be vigilant of the way Scholastic Books, “the world’s leading publisher of children’s books,” is pushing the “liberal agenda” through algebra lessons. The evidence? A primary school worksheet entitled, “Distribute The Wealth.”

The worksheet was meant to teach the distributive property of multiplication and Bolling cautioned that it actually teaches kids in grades three through six to “distribute the wealth with a lovely rich girl with a big bag of money.” He told parents they need to read kid’s textbooks and “find out what is taught.” If a “bias” is present, he added, “explain it to your kids and tell teachers you’re on it.”

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Kimberly Guilfoyle‘s addition to the discussion was to note that the math wasn’t “that easy.” She added that although her son is only six years old and doesn’t have textbooks, she does homework with him every night.

“We’re on high alert,” she said. “Especially after this inappropriateness.”

Watch the full clip below, via Fox News:

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