The Five Slams NBC For Trayvon/Paula Deen Law & Order Episode

The NBC procedural Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is well-known for ripping its stories straight from the headlines, and its upcoming season is using an entire episode to take on every single race issue that’s descended on the U.S. during the summer, including George Zimmerman going on trial for killing Trayvon Martin, celebrity chef Paula Deen‘s own racial issues (which happened to be settled today), and stop and frisk. Today the hosts of The Five were very leery about this episode, sarcastically musing why on earth the RNC would ever think NBC might be just a tad biased.

Greg Gutfeld was quick to point out that Law & Order isn’t exactly the most complex show, likening it to a “grade school project” that tries to take on tough issues but can’t really address them seriously. He called the show “as predictable as the New York Times editorial,” while Eric Bolling noted that while Deen has been vindicated to a certain extent, the show is basically making her into Trayvon Martin’s killer.

Katie Pavlich criticized Hollywood for framing the conversation on race in their terms instead of being more honest about these issues. Bob Beckel brought the conversation around to other parts of the entertainment industry, saying the hip-hop culture glorifies violence and wondering why no one in the Obama administration has said anything remotely critical of rap culture.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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