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The Five Sticks a Fork in Martin Bashir, Beckel Asks: ‘Is He a Syrian?’

Martin Bashir made his rather unceremonious exit from MSNBC on Wednesday, and the hosts of The Five gave him as gracious a send-off as they possibly could, mocking both Bashir and the “small local access network” he called home for over two years. And Bob Beckel, in true Bob Beckel fashion, had a burning question that had absolutely nothing to do with the point of the segment.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said Bashir was likely given a choice between a firing and a ceremonial “walk of shame” out the door of his own volition, and now he’s free to probably end up at Al Jazeera. Eric Bolling reminded viewers that Bashir’s comments were very deliberate and scripted out and approved and put in a teleprompter, it wasn’t just a throwaway line.

Greg Gutfeld deadpanned, “Who should replace him? Alec Baldwin? Rob Ford?” Dana Perino contrasted Bashir’s quiet, padded exit, with how Baldwin was “fired immediately” in a swirl of hoopla.

Beckel’s first contribution to the conversation was to ask, “Is he a Syrian?” You know, because Bashir sounds a lot like the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Beckel also threw out some pearls of wisdom, saying that if you ever want to say something nasty, “you should insult everybody so that way… you got everybody covered.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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