The Five Tackles Trump Russia Fallout: Saying Whether You Believe US Intel or Putin ‘Not a Hard Answer’


President Trump said today he misspoke at his press conference with Vladimir Putin yesterday, and he got some criticism on Fox News’ The Five today over it.

After the President’s attempt at a clean-up today, Dana Perino said if it really was a clarification the White House felt was worth making, they should’ve done it yesterday.

She also noted that Trump ad-libbed a comment that it could’ve been others instead of the Russians, which “negated” the rest of what he said.

“Words do matter and they have consequences,” she said. “Being nice is fine… He does the right things and says the wrong things.”

Jesse Watters said it’s either a gaffe yesterday, noting he could’ve cleaned it up with Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.

Of course, the panel got in some media criticism (even though some of the biggest voices of outrage in the media are their own Fox colleagues).

Marie Harf said, “Democrats need to be careful not to cry a crisis over everything, because what we saw yesterday was genuinely appalling.”

Saying whether you believe the intel community or Putin is “not a hard answer,” she argued, wondering why Trump can’t just unequivocally say Russia meddled without having to couch it. Harf even brought up the recent warning DNI Director Dan Coats had warning about cyberattacks and a comparison to “the blinking red lights we saw before 9/11.”

Greg Gutfeld said, “Too bad Obama didn’t feel that way.”

“This isn’t about Barack Obama,” Harf shot back, “this is about Donald Trump.”

Gutfeld said he disagrees with Coats because “Russia is just another power,” but “radical Islam wants to destroy the world.”

Charles Hurt said Trump did make a mistake yesterday because he conflated Russian meddling and collusion, and when you’re President of the United States, you cannot do that, especially if you are standing next to a thug like Vladimir Putin.”

He added that Trump’s being defensive because the press is conflating these things.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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