The Five Takes On Cooper’s ‘Excellent’ Juror B37 Interview, Piers Morgan’s ‘Insulting’ Chat With Jeantel

Tuesday afternoon on Fox, the hosts of The Five made veiled attempts to mask their jealousy while discussing the two major interviews that aired on CNN last night: Anderson Cooper‘s exclusive sit-down with the George Zimmerman trial’s anonymous Juror B37 and Piers Morgan‘s lively discussion with Trayvon Martin‘s friend, witness Rachel Jeantel. As Eric Bolling put it, “no one that sits and does interview shows on this network would have said no” to those two interviews.

Pulling out one of the most-talked about quotes from Juror B37, Bob Beckel began the discussion by saying, “I can only say that when the juror said his heart was in the right place, but he overreacted and did something he shouldn’t have done, I don’t know how she comes to a not guilty verdict based on that.” As for Jeantel’s “creepy-ass cracka” remark, Beckel said it’s just further demonstration of the underlying “anger in the black community.”

Dana Perino called out Morgan for his “insulting” treatment of Jeantel, questioning her about her speech impediment and asking her how to spell the word “cracka.”

“I actually thought she appeared to be exploited by Piers Morgan,” Andrea Tantaros agreed. “It was just a very disrespectful interview, I thought to her, to the black community. I don’t think it helped at all Trayvon Martin’s legacy in the black community at all.” On the other hand, she called Cooper’s interview with Juror B37 “excellent.” As Greg Gutfeld honestly pointed, “we would have died for that interview, let’s face it.”

Eric Bolling took that sentiment further, saying in reference to Jeantel, “no one that sits and does interview shows on this network would have said no to that interview.” He even defended Morgan, saying, “I don’t love Piers Morgan, but I don’t think he was condescending to her.”

Beckel agreed that the Jeantel exclusive was a major score for CNN and Morgan, but said, “the last person that ought to be interviewing blacks about black culture in America is a snotty-nosed Brit.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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