The Five Takes on Duck Dynasty Controversy, A&E’s ‘Cowardly’ Response

“What should we talk about today?” That sarcastic question from Greg Gutfeld opened Thursday’s episode of The Five. Of course, the show began with a debate over A&E’s decision to suspend Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson over comments he made in an interview about homosexual sex.

While Gutfeld did not condone Robertson’s statements, he did call the A&E network “cowardly” for bowing to the pressure of gay rights groups and not standing up for the Duck Dynasty patriarch. Meanwhile, Bob Beckel added that while this was just “Phil being Phil,” now that show has taken off in such a big way, he should probably keep comments like the ones he made “in the family.”

Eric Bolling said it should be up to the “free market” to determine what happens to the show. A&E “made a decision to cater to the gay community,” he said. “But if viewership goes down because of it, then they catered to the wrong group.”

Andrea Tantaros was split, on the one hand feeling “sympathy” for Robertson, but on the other finding what he said to be “vulgar for the sake of being vulgar.” And Kimberly Guilfoyle added that given the way Robertson grew up in the south “to expect more” from him would be “challenging.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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