The Five Trashes ‘Drunk’ Matthews, Liberal ‘Tools’ for Calling Tea Party Racist

The Five took on liberal politicians, pundits, and celebrities attacking the tea party as “racist” on Friday, running the gamut from Alan Grayson saying they’re just as popular as the Klan to actor Chris Noth saying they’re “racist” and “un-American.” Greg Gutfeld was peeved at Chris Matthews in particular for asking if the tea party thinks blacks are three-fifths of a person, calling him a “gasbag” and a “drunk.”

Gutfeld continued, “These tools overcompensate, it’s why perverts start charities for kids.”

When Bob Beckel called Gutfeld out for calling Matthews a drunk, Gutfeld stood by it, saying if Matthews is going to call him a racist then he gets to call Matthews a drunk. Beckel made it clear these comments do not represent the liberal community at large.

Perino turned the tables, saying it’s actually “acceptable to think of a tea party members as someone who is three-fifths of a person”; people liberals like to “ridicule” and “scoff” at. Eric Bolling added they consider the tea party “dangerous,” while Andrea Tantaros said it’s more about snobbery. She explained, “They consider them backwater middle American patriots and that is so disgusting to the left.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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